Yom HaShoah

Sunday, April 7th from 2 PM – 4 PM

Yom HaShoah

A Day of Remembrance in honor of the survivors, liberators and those who perished in the Holocaust.

Special Event

Our annual Yom Hashoah remembrance event includes an ecumenical prayer and brief service featuring Rabbi Susan Bulba Carvutto, Reverend Alicia Kellogg and Cantor Deborah Marlowe.

Following the service, Holocaust Survivor and Maine resident, Charles Rotmil, will share his story.

For many years I did not tell anyone about my experiences in the war. I was a ten year-old boy hiding from the Nazis, in constant fear of being caught, people disappearing all around me . . .

I was born in Alsace Lorraine, Strasbourg in 1932, a few months before Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. My family moved to Vienna in 1938, where we were caught in the full-blown war against the Jews. We escaped first to Belgium until 1940 when Germany invaded Belgium, then to France where my mother and sister died in a train crash. In 1943 my father was arrested and taken to Auschwitz where he was gassed upon arrival. My brother and I went into hiding under the wings of a monk who hid around 350 children.

I arrived in the USA in 1946, and today I am a filmmmaker and retired school teacher living in Maine.”    

- Charles Rotmil, Holocaust Survivor

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